The Poppy Cafe Wants To Help The Local Community

We are looking forward to working with the local community enlisting ideas on how to improve the park experience where possible. A local resident, Ian, from Coulsdon Rise suggested a dog blanket to protect those fluffy bottoms from the cold. The cafe has now added this to their assets!

We are looking for this web site to reflect the local community, so if you have any ideas, or would like to advertise a local event or club, then please contact us at:


We are pleased to supply free wifi to all our customers.

The East Coulsdon Residences' Association

The East Coulsdon Residents' Association have been very supportive including information about the Cafe in their magazine Review.

Old Coulsdon Residents' Association

We would like to thank the Old Coulsdon Residents' Association for mentioning our cafe on the front page of their web site.